Brow Lift Lamination

What exactly is an Eyebrow Lift or Brow Lamination and how does it work?

An Eyebrow Lift or Brow Lamination keeps your brows looking stunning and healthy and unlike a permanent brow tattooing the Eyebrow Lift is absolutely pain free. Strip Lash Lift product is applied to the eyebrow hairs creating a chemical reaction on the hair lifting them up. The brow is shaped and then tinted. The treatment lasts approximately four weeks and does not use ink or a permanent process whatsoever.

Eyebrow Lift Benefits:

  • Add length and volume to your eyebrows.

  • Ideal for both very thin and thick, unruly brows.

  • Eliminates those stray hairs on eyebrows that are growing down, are straight or don’t have a shape at all.

  • The result is natural looking brows with perfect shape.

  • Super easy to style! All you need to do is to brush them up in the morning with a mascara wand.

  • Your brows will be richer in color while looking healthier.

  • No makeup, No permanent tattooing, No pain.

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Brow Lift Lamination