Waxing Services

Here at Wax & Lash, we ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience with all of our services. That’s what makes us THE waxing salon that our clients choose time and time again for Brazilian wax services in Denver, CO. We understand the impact that waxing services can have including revealing a client’s beautiful skin and transforming their entire mood. From brow and body waxing services to just a clean-up with a lip and chin wax treatment, our professional estheticians do it all! Our strip wax salon offers our waxing services for men and women in a private, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere. Provided below is more information about the specific waxing services we offer for men and women, as well as their descriptions and prices. When you’re ready, give us a call to schedule your face, body, or Brazilian wax services at our beautiful downtown Denver location.

Women’s Waxing Services

Toss those razors and tweezers! Here at Wax & Lash, we liberate women from the chore of daily grooming with our fast bikini, French, and Brazilian wax services, leg wax, brow, and other full body waxing services. Our waxing services are a step above any other waxing experience you have ever had. We promise you’ll come back time and time again after you experience our spa-like, relaxing atmosphere that’s like a mini getaway from your daily life and stress.

Men’s Waxing Services

At Wax & Lash, we provide a safe, private, and comfortable environment to experience the best waxing services in Denver. We specialize in face and body waxing services for men including bum cheeks wax, chest & stomach wax, half, lower, and full back wax. We know how important it is for the men of Denver to experience the top-of-the-line, high-quality waxing services they deserve!

Women’s Face Wax Services

Brows $25
Lip $12
Chin $12
Sideburns $12
Nose $15
Full Face (No Brows) $35
Full Face w/Brows $50

Women’s Body Wax Services

Brazilian $59
French Bikini $45
French Bikini w/ Backside $50
Bikini $35
Bikini w/ Backside $40
Full Legs** $75
Upper Legs $40
Lower Legs $35
Underarms $25
Full Arms $35
Lower Back $20
Bum Cheeks $30

**Not included in the 50% off FIRST wax special.

Men’s Face Wax Services

Brows $20
Nose $15
Ears $15
Neck $15

Men’s Body Wax Services

Full Back* $60
Lower Back (just above the belt) $20
Half Back (Upper Back) $40
Bum Cheeks $30
Mankini $60
Manzilian $75

*NOT included in first-time discount.

Brazilian/ French Bikini ADD-ON Services

Bikini Enzyme Peel & Extractions (20 mins) $35
Bikini Extractions (10 min) $10
Bikini Soothing Mask Treatment $10

Add Ons for ANY Services

Scalp Massage (10 mins) $10
Sheet Mask Treatment (10 min) $10
Hydrating Hand Massage (10 min) $10

Face Waxing Services Descriptions

Brow Wax Services

Brows frame your beautiful face! Our brow wax services include a consultation, wax, trim and tweeze to ensure you leave with the perfect brow shape to enhance your beautiful facial features.

Chin Wax Services

Get rid of the pesky chin hairs in a flash! We will wax the entire chin area with this service.

Ear Wax Services

No one likes unsightly ear hair. Our ear waxing services remove the hair inside and outside of the ears.

Body Waxing Services Descriptions

Between The Cheeks (Men & Women)

No need to be shy! We can handle the between the cheeks wax quickly!

*This includes the hair inside the bum cheeks ONLY.

Bum Cheeks (Men & Women)

The entire glute area is waxed. Does not include the crack.

Bikini Wax

Our basic bikini wax will remove hair 1 finger width inside the underwear line and leaves the labia untouched. The line of hair below the navel is also included in this service.

French Bikini Wax

The French bikini wax is similar to a regular bikini wax except further inside the panty line is waxed. This leaves a 2 finger width strip down and leaves the labia untouched. Removal of the hair below the belly button is also included in this service.

Brazilian Wax Services

Our most popular service! Everything from the top to the labia, to the crack, is taken off. All hair can be removed or a design like a triangle or a strip can be left at the top. The line of hair below the navel is also included in the Brazilian wax services.

Chest & Stomach Wax Services

The pectoral area is waxed in addition to the entire torso. This does not include the shoulders.

Feet & Toes Wax Services

This service removes that pesky fuzz on the tops of your feet, including the hair on your toes.

*Bonus: This service is already included in a full-leg wax or bottom-half leg wax.

Add Ons for Brazilian and French Services

Bikini Extractions

Looking to have your esthetician spend a little extra time to remove those unwanted ingrown hairs or blemishes from the bikini line?

Bikini Soothing Mask Treatment

Want a little extra soothing time for the bikini line after your bikini, French or Brazilian wax? Lay back and relax while we apply a soothing & cooling mask to the bikini line after your wax.

This is a perfect add-on for the highly sensitive quest or someone to wind down and relax after their wax.

Bikini Enzyme Peel & Extractions

Are you suffering from pesky ingrown hairs and breakouts on your bikini line? We can help!

This service includes a hot towel, enzyme peel & extractions to clear the bikini lineup.

Add Ons for All Services

Scalp Massage

Need a little extra love? Add a 10-minute scalp massage onto ANY service!

Sheet Mask Treatment

Stop at the front desk and pick your favorite sheet mask and add this quick treatment to ANY service.

Soaked in powerful ingredients, single-use sheet masks are like an “a la carte” version of serums that can be used as needed. Korean face masks are contoured to rest on your face for superior delivery of moisture and active ingredients, a concept that was born in Korea.

Hydrating Hand Massage

Add a quick hydrating hand & arm massage to ANY service. Pick your favorite Strip Ultimate Body Oil Scent and melt away for 10 minutes.