The Best Waxing in Denver!

We offer a variety of waxing services for men and women in a private, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere.

Women’s Face Waxing

Service Price
Eyebrows $25
Lip $12
Chin $12
Sideburns $12
Nose $15
Full Face (no brows) $35
Full Face (with brows) $50

Women’s Body Waxing

Service Price
Brazilian $65
French Bikini $45
French Bikini w/Backside $50
Bikini $35
Bikini w/Backside $40
Full Legs* $75
Upper Legs $40
Lower Legs $35
Under Arms $25
Full Arms $35
Lower Back $20
Bum Cheeks $30

*Full Legs waxing is not included in the 50% off FIRST wax special.

Add-On Services

You can add on any of the following services to any appointment! Each add-on service is 10 minutes. Read more about our Add-On services.

Service Price
Scalp Massage $15
Sheet Mask Treatment $15
Hydrating Hand Massage $15

Recommended Aftercare Products

We use Strip products in our salons. You too can now purchase Strip products to complement your services and nourish your body.

Purchase your products online – before or after your visit – and get 10% OFF – Use code WAXLASH10 at checkout!

smooth operator ingrown hair serum

Smooth Operator treats and prevents razor burn and bumps resulting from waxing, tweezing, shaving, laser hair removal, and electrolysis. Used twice a day, Smooth Operator helps lighten dark spots in the skin and create a more even skin tone.

smooth operator ingrown hair serum
The One & Only facial oil is a perfect blend of healing oils that help hydrate & heal the skin.

It can be used pretty much EVERYWHERE & on EVERYONE!

It is blended with Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Black Currant Oil & the powerful Tamanu Oil.

Waxing Services Descriptions

Brow Waxing

Brows frame your beautiful face! Our brow wax services include a consultation, wax, trim and tweeze to ensure you leave with the perfect brow shape to enhance your beautiful facial features.

Chin Waxing

Get rid of the pesky chin hairs in a flash! We will wax the entire chin area with this service.

Bikini Wax

Our basic bikini wax will remove hair 1 finger width inside the underwear line and leaves the labia untouched. The line of hair below the navel is also included in this service.

French Bikini Wax

The French bikini wax is similar to a regular bikini wax except further inside the panty line is waxed. This leaves a 2 finger width strip down and leaves the labia untouched. Removal of the hair below the navel is also included in this service.

Brazilian Wax

Our most popular service! Everything from the top to the labia, to the crack, is taken off. All hair can be removed or a design like a triangle or a strip can be left at the top. The line of hair below the navel is also included in the Brazilian wax services.

Bum Cheeks

The entire glute area is waxed. Does not include the crack.