What is a Manzilian Wax?

Manzilian what? If you see the similarity between the words Brazilian and Manzilian wax, your guess as to what a Manzilian wax is – is probably pretty accurate. Manzilian is the waxing of a man’s nether region like Brazilian is for women. Somebody came up with the name, and it stuck (unlike the hair that will be removed in a Manzilian).

Depending on the salon and your preference, how much hair is removed from down there is either a lot or all of it. Manzilian wax removes all hair from the genital area. At Wax & Lash, our standard Manzilian includes the following:

Everything from the pubic mound to the scrotum to the crack is taken off. All hair can be removed, or a design like a strip can be left at the top. Our Manzilian wax service also includes the line of hair below the navel.

What to Expect from Manzilian Wax?

Getting a Manzilian wax at a salon means your waxing is done by a professional – a salon that does only waxing means it’s done by a professional who specializes in waxing. That means your waxing is done with the proper technique and wax. The waxing is professional, quick, and efficient, with great results.

How Painful is Manzilian?

It depends is the short answer. The longer answer is: if it’s your first time getting a Manzilian, it can feel more painful than the consecutive waxes. If your pain tolerance is on the higher side, you may feel discomfort. If your pain tolerance is lower, you may perceive it to be more painful. The nether region has areas of sensitive skin, so it’s understandable that it can hurt. However, the good news is, that the waxers work quickly and you will be done in no time.

Prep for Manzilian Wax

There are a few things you can do and keep in mind before your appointment.

The hair must be 1/4 to 1/2 inches long (the length of a grain of rice). Wax does not grip super-short hair well. Longer hair may need to be trimmed before waxing.

Exfoliate your skin prior to your appointment, but not right before.

What to Expect During Manzilian Wax

Your esthetician applies wax on a small section of the area getting waxed, then covers it with a waxing strip, followed by a swift pull, removing the strip quickly. The esthetician works a section at a time, applying the wax, applying the strip, then pulling the strip until all the areas are waxed.

After waxing, they can apply aloe vera gel or a moisturizing lotion to soothe the skin and reduce redness.


Caring for your skin is important after waxing. The waxed skin will be sensitive for the first 24 – 48 hours after waxing.

Avoid physical workouts for the first couple of days after waxing.

Do not bathe, swim, or go to a sauna for a couple of days because your skin will be sensitive.

Avoid wearing synthetic clothes because they trap heat and sweat.

Final Thoughts

Getting a Manzilian can feel intimidating, especially for the first time. But, when you choose a men’s back waxing professional, you will have peace of mind knowing that they will follow the best practices to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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