Waxing at Home vs. at a Salon

Waxing at home versus getting waxed at a salon is not the same. If you are thinking about whether to DIY wax at home or head out to a salon, here are things to take into consideration.

Waxing At Home Benefits

You can do it in the comfort of your own place. It’s just you and your wax kit.

Lower Cost
Going the DIY route, you can save money. It’s cheaper than going to a salon. All you need is a waxing kit that can cost anywhere from $25 to $100.

Waxing At Home Drawbacks


Waxing at home may be more painful than at a salon. The professionals are fast and efficient. At home, well, especially if you are new to attempting waxing at home, there can be all sorts of trial and error, along with more pain than is necessary.

Time Investment

Home waxing may take a lot longer than it would to drive to an appointment at a salon – including the drive back home. Unless you have large areas to wax, you’ll be in and out of the salon in minutes. It may take a long time to ready up and do the actual waxing at home.

Less than perfect results

Often home waxing can result in less than a perfect waxing. You may have a few or more hairs, here and there, that you didn’t notice or can’t get out. Especially if the area you are waxing is hard to reach. There is also an increased potential for ingrown hairs and infections.

Waxing At a Salon Benefits

Minor discomfort

Professional waxers know their craft. They are fast and efficient. The result: minimal or minor discomfort, and minimal pain. 

Fast & Efficient

Waxing at a salon is fast and efficient. You go in for your appointment, talk with your esthetician, and get the areas waxed you want, and you are done.

Great results

You don’t have to worry about missed hairs or hard-to-reach places. Waxing at a salon gives great results!

Waxing At a Salon Drawbacks


We know we are biased, and we’d love for you to get waxed at our salon! And even though it is more expensive to get waxed at a salon, we are going to attempt to convince you that it’s worth it.

Consider this.

How long does it take you to do DIY waxing?
Are the results satisfactory?
Is it a hassle DIY waxing at home?

Consider all of that and the time and effort cost it takes to DIY wax at home. It may be that waxing at a salon is not any more costly after all.

P.S. Here’s our waxing price list (and we’ll take excellent care of you). 


Aftercare is essential whether you opt for waxing at home or visiting a salon.

Wait to rinse or shower immediately after waxing. Let the skin sit for a while. Keep the waxed areas away from the sun, and skip a gym for a bit.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to waxing, you have two options: home or professional. You can either take matters into your own hands or visit a salon and let someone else do the work for you.
The choice is yours! We think visiting a salon is the better option  the results are worth it.

Recommended Aftercare Products

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