Core Values

At Wax & Lash, our core values are the foundation of our business. They make this work a joy rather than a j.o.b.


We believe that truth is at the root of everything.

In fact, we believe it so hard, studio owners, Tawnya & Roeland, even have the word tattooed on their wrists. Here at Wax & Lash, truth looks like straightforward, honest interactions. Absolute integrity. Honesty and authenticity. Bring your full humanity and we’ll bring ours. We welcome it.


We believe that we are all deserving of grace—and that simple decency, kindness, and poise can transform almost any interaction.

Grace is a lesson, an invitation, and a motivation. It is about forgiveness, genuine respect, elegance, and calm. When paired with the strength of spirit, grace has the capacity to elevate our actions, conversations, and empathy for self and others. At Wax & Lash, grace is translated in our generous attention to details large and small, and it’s in the kindness and compassion that infuse our company culture and the entire Wax & Lash community.


We believe that empowered women are the key to a vibrant future.

Yes, men too, absolutely. However, for us, we know that supporting and nurturing women’s leadership, business savvy, confidence, and self-compassion is a radical act that can change the world.

We know that how you do one thing is how you do everything, and we take that to heart.

With each choice we make in our business, we recognize the ripple of impact and potential. One of the reasons we love this work is that it inherently supports a community of successful women.

We believe in lifting up the leadership capacity of our employees and encouraging them to spread their wings and soar. ​

We have seen time and time again that when people feel good, they do good.

We are committed to doing our part to contribute to an abundant, flourishing community


We believe that we are all connected. That in every human interaction, we have the power to create an extraordinary world.

This is a family—and when you enter our salon, we embrace you (often literally) with open arms.

We know that the hustle and grind of the outside world are rough and taxing. When you step into Wax & Lash, know that you are supported. Your vulnerability and humanity are welcome and tended to. We value you.