Bikini Wax Aftercare

When you go to a waxing salon for a bikini wax, your waxer will go over aftercare dos and don’ts. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what you should hold off doing immediately after a bikini area wax (whether French or Brazilian wax). So, we wanted to highlight them here: the things you should avoid doing after a bikini area wax.

Avoid Touching the Area

Do not immediately touch the waxed area. One, the skin is sensitive. Two, the skin is raw. That is, its pores are open, and your fingertips could introduce bacteria into the area.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothing

Avoid wearing tight clothes after your Bikini or Brazilian wax appointment; tight clothes will only make the skin uncomfortable and more irritated. Instead, opt for clothing made from soft fabrics that won’t chafe or annoy the newly waxed area. Loose and comfy. Loose and comfy.

Stay Out of The Sun

After getting waxed, avoid direct contact with sunlight for the next day or two. The sun can cause your freshly waxed skin to become red, irritated, and blistered. After hair removal, especially in the bikini area, sunscreen is essential. After 24 to 48 you may apply sunscreen to the recently waxed area and, of course, the rest of your body.

Avoid Water

After getting a bikini area wax, avoid hot showers, baths, swimming pools, steam rooms, and saunas. Because waxing leaves the hair follicles open temporarily, avoiding any moisture for at least 24 to 48 hours would be best. Coming into contact with excess moisture may cause ingrown hairs, pain and swelling, irritation and redness, and infection. You should especially stay out of public water facilities like hot tubs, saunas, pools, and steam rooms. If you must bathe, a mild-temperature shower will be the best solution. However, waiting at least 24 hours before showering is still best. Also, make sure to use mild soap when washing to prevent irritation on the freshly waxed area. Do your best to keep your skin clean and dry all day long.

Wait on your Workout

To prevent infection after a bikini wax, wait 24 hours before working out. Within the first 24 hours after waxing, your skin is more vulnerable to irritation from friction, sweat, and bacterial infection. Working out might introduce bacteria from your skin into these sores through perspiration.

Wait to Exfoliate

Wait a few days before exfoliating the waxed area. Waxing in and of itself is exfoliating and leaves the skin sensitive, so it’s best to wait to exfoliate (it rhymes, and we are here for that).

Say No to Spray Tan

If you plan to get a spray tan after waxing, wait at least 24 hours. Better still, hold off for 48 hours following your wax. After getting waxed, you can expect the treated area to feel tender for at least 48 hours. If you use tanner just after waxing, you may have an uneven, blotchy appearance.

Wait to get into romantic entanglements…

Don’t rush into sexual activity immediately after getting a bikini wax. If there is friction involved, and we think there would be, wait. Friction against newly waxed skin hurts and can result in ingrown hairs and infection.

Don’t Use Harsh Products

When your waxed skin is healing, use gentle products. Harsh chemicals can irritate the skin unnecessarily.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Waxing aftercare is an essential step in taking care of your skin, and these are the few things to keep in mind as you head home from your waxing appointment.

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