Women’s Face Waxing Services in Denver

Basic Eyebrow Waxing - $20 

Brows frame your beautiful face! Our brow wax services include a consultation, wax, trim and tweeze to ensure you leave with the perfect brow shaped to enhance your beautiful facial features.

Eyebrow Shaping & Design - $30 ​

Are you new to Wax & Lash? This is the brow service for you then! This service includes an in-depth consultation to ensure our professional estheticians understand the brow shape and look you desire. They will work hard to bring your brow vision to life, giving you the best brows Denver has ever seen! This service also includes a brow pencil fill in and will have you ready to head straight back to work.

Chin Wax - $10 

Get rid of the pesky chin hairs in a flash! We will wax the entire chin area with this service.

Lip Wax - $10 ​

Nose Wax - $15

Sideburns Wax - $10


Full Face Wax (does not include an eyebrows wax) - $30

Full Face Wax with Brow Shaping & Design - $60

Full Face Wax with Basic Eyebrow Wax - $50


Women's Face Waxing Services in Denver 

The painful and dreadful chore of personal grooming is an experience woman go through together. Here at Wax & Lash, we understand the desire for wanting to find an alternative to the everyday shaving and plucking. We offer exceptional women’s face waxing services at our Denver waxing salon that do more than just the normal waxing services at the normal waxing salon.

Experience a spa-like atmosphere that offers comfortable and relaxing treatments while maintaining high-quality results. Our professional and experienced estheticians are trained to perform women’s face waxing services like our brow, chin, lip, and full-face waxing services. Learn more about our various women’s face waxing services below.

Visit our convenient downtown Denver waxing salon and you’ll immediately see and feel the difference from Wax & Lash and other waxing salons. Booking your face waxing appointment is as easy as booking online with your preferred esthetician or calling the salon and letting our friendly front desk staff members take control. We can’t wait to offer you the revitalizing treatments and well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!