Denver Body Waxing Services for Men

Bum Cheeks Wax - $30 

The entire glute area is waxed. Does not include the crack.

Chest & Stomach Wax - $45

The pectoral area is waxed in addition to the entire torso. This does not include the shoulders.

Half Back Wax - $40

Lower Back Wax - $20 

Full Back Wax - $60 

Full Legs Wax - $85

Men's Body Waxing Services

For men who aren’t willing to settle for anything less than the best, Wax & Lash offers the highest quality men’s body waxing services in Denver that prioritize comfort, privacy, and a general sense of relaxation. Our comfortable, relaxing atmosphere will give you a sense of serene indulgence as our skilled and professionally trained estheticians tend to all of your waxing needs.

Whether you’re looking for bum, cheeks, chest & stomach, or back waxing services, Wax & Lash is happy to assist. If you prefer a smoother aesthetic, but find that shaving leaves you with uncomfortable side effects, you’ll love the benefits of waxing.

Body waxing services will translate to less inflammation, less of that uncomfortable prickliness and itchiness, plus you won’t have to worry about nicks and cuts that continue stinging for hours. With consistent waxing, your hair may even begin growing back thinner so it’s less bothersome. Our staff attends to every detail of your service with great care, so you’ll leave Wax & Lash feeling refreshed and invigorated after every appointment.

For a brand new take on men’s body waxing services in Denver, book your appointment with Wax & Lash now and enjoy a spa-like experience with every treatment.


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