Haley Jesseman

Front Desk Rock Star

What do you love most about what you do? 

I love connecting with clients and customers! 

What is your favorite quote? 

"But sure, I guess every lonely girl would hope she's a princess." 

What’s something we’d be surprised to know about you? 

I have seen all but one ocean! 

What does beauty mean to you? 

I think it is a manifestation of who you are in the inside, on the outside. 

What core value of Wax & Lash most resonates with you? 

Connection. When you connect with someone in your life, a stranger or a friend, you are changing their day or even their life. I love to connect with clients so they feel welcomed and that I am so happy to see them today. 

What is your favorite dessert?

Cheesecake. Any kind, any day!

Haley J - Brazilian Waxing Services Denv